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Discover the most natural way to care for sensitive skin...

The unique and perfectly stable composition of Avène Thermal Spring water makes it an ideal skin care product for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergyprone skin.

It’s soothing and antiirritating properties have been used for centuries and are an important part of the Avène range of skin care.

Degrees of Sensitivity

Many women and some men have sensitive skin.
There are many different degrees of sensitivity: sensitive, intolerant or allergic skin.

First degree : Sensitive

Your skin is naturally sensitive if you easily experience unpleasant feelings such as tingling, tightness, inflammation or burning.
Your skin often has an excessive reaction to the aggressions (wind, cold, sun, over-zealous cleansing) that are usually tolerated by normal skin.

Second degree : Intolerant

Intolerant skin is even more traumatized with the application of products that are not adapted, and sometimes it “can no longer stand a thing ". Not only does it experience stinging and tightness, but also redness, scaling and burning. Use products that are adapted to your skin, with a minimum of ingredients in the formula.

Third degree : Allergic

Some intolerances become true contact allergy reactions, characterized by eczema (redness, burning, blisters or even oozing) or urticaria (swelling, burning).
At this stage, consult your doctor to determine the ingredient causing your allergy (which you will have to avoid forever after) through the appropriate allergological tests.


Avene Trixera Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Lotion

Daily care for sensitive, dry skin for the entire family.  Suitable for use on the face and body, for adults and children over 3.  Easy application & fast absorption. Provides 48 hour moisturising.

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