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Clinical Technology

Percutanes’ unique formulation allows it to be reactive for a 24 hour period with further physical activity or after a hot shower.   Percutane can also be used as a pre-work or pre-activity massage cream for occupational overuse, stiff joints, tendons and tired muscles.    Percutane has a pleasant peppermint smell which quickly disperses making it ideal to use before work.

Traumitane Recovery

Traumitane is a fast acting cooling action multi-use formula. With powerful Arnica 11.5mg, Glucosamine 5.5mg For Joints + Menthol 53mg for better recovery from everyday accidents, knocks and niggles, sport stresses and strains, the effects of exercise and prolonged exertion or wear + tear on joints and muscles.

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Percutane Joint Action

Percutane helps relax muscles and activate joints. It soothes as you move.

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Percutane Sports Action

Percutane Sports Action will help you perform at your best. It is ideal for fast effective pre-exercise warm-up or strenuous activity recovery. Percutane helps relax muscles and activate joints & tendons before sport.

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