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For the past decade we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality nutraceuticals from our state-of-the-art, GMP compliant facility in Fiji.
We pride ourselves on ensuring our formulations are based on sound scientific support, using dosages to achieve premium formulations that have desired outcomes. Our philosophy is to avoid, wherever possible, excipients and fillers, not using any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.


Our focus is on developing the most efficacious and innovative natural health supplements. We are constantly evaluating and improving the formulations and ingredient profiles of our products based on the very latest research knowledge and standards.


Our team of dedicated scientists, herbalists, pharmacists and naturopaths ensure the ultimate expertise is put into creating our nutraceutical range. Their combined in-depth knowledge ensures we formulate products to minimise the use of excipients and allergens resulting in the most scientifically appropriate dosages for maximum impact. Our team also works with specialised ingredients that in many cases have been patented and have strong scientific support.


Our capabilities are world class due to our skilled personnel, our collaborations with leading scientific institutions and using the best available ingredients in our products. Our manufacturing facilities ensure we are able to produce an extensive range of scientifically validated nutritional supplements to the market.


In New Zealand, we collaborate with institutions such as the University of Auckland, the University of Otago and Callaghan Innovation in developing new natural health supplements. These strong working relationships ensure new ideas are constantly shared. Offshore collaborations are also important with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies offering their expertise and products for use under license.

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