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What we do

Research and Development

Improving the health outcomes of people

Our Research and Development programme at Douglas is driven by our passion to develop more efficacious medicines which will improve the health outcomes of people. This year we have invested over NZD$30M in research and development while also working in collaboration with tertiary institutions and innovative partners to bring world first pharmaceutical products to the market.

Our Capabilities

Development and manufacture of specialised high potency tablets, semi solids, suspensions, soft-gelatin capsules, microencapsulated products and brand generic drugs.

Provide CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control) services to generic and NCE (New Chemical Entity) clients.

Assist with formulation and CMC needs for IND (Investigational New Drug) filings.


Douglas is committed to improving lives through drug repurposing where a new use is found for a medicine established to treat another disease. Because the science of drug repurposing utilises previous research, it allows the new agent to be delivered for review and approval in a speedy fashion. The cost to develop a repurposed medicine is also much less than for the development of a new chemical entity. Douglas seeks collaboration with world class researchers to translate repurposing ideas from university benches and petri dishes to formulations and human clinical trials.

We work in collaboration with leading universities and research institutions, including:

University of Otago

University of Manchester

A*Star – Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore

Victoria University, Wellington

University of Auckland

University of Western Australia

University of Melbourne

Gillies McIndoe Research Institute, Wellington

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