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Clinicians China licenced to HTDK Pharmaceuticals


On 3 August 2022-Douglas Pharmaceuticals announced that it has entered a key collaboration that the nutraceutical supplement brand Clinicians had been licenced to HTDK to advance Clinicians sales in China. This strategic partnership will be an important step for Clinicians to tap into the growing market.

Under the terms of the agreement, HTDK will market, sell and distribute the Clinicians products in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. HTDK will also be solely responsible for the sale of products to Daigou wholesalers in New Zealand, Australia or any other international market that sells to consumers in China.

HTDK is a leading commercialization solutions provider offering specialized market entrance and penetration solutions for world-class healthcare brand, with over 200 distributors covering over 100,000 retail stores and 800 chain stores in China.

With HTDK’s deep expertise in the healthcare industry and HTDK’s large selling and distribution presence across China, Douglas Pharmaceuticals is confident that its partnership with HTDK will take the Clinicians brand to new heights.

About HTDK
HTDK is one of the most experienced healthcare service companies in China with a strong track record of more than 100 years. The company is wholly owned by Warburg Pincus, a leading global growth investor with more than $85 billion in assets under management.

About Douglas
Douglas Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly expanding New Zealand based pharmaceutical company with a reputation for high manufacturing standards and quality products. Douglas Pharmaceuticals owns a number of Nutraceuticals brands including Clinicians.

The History of Clinicians
Clinicians was developed in 1997 by two pharmacists who saw the need for their customers to get extra nutritional support whilst on medication. With twenty-five years of sound research, Clinicians’ has a range of high-quality products that support rather than compete with modern medicines. Clinicians is a leading brand in New Zealand and is recognised for its premium positioning, providing carefully formulated, condition-specific products based on scientific research.

Clinicians is a trusted New Zealand brand and is perceived by consumers and health professionals to be:

  • A scientifically researched and premium natural health brand
  • A range of supplements with high-quality ingredients at levels with proven efficacy
  • A research-based brand recommended by health professionals to support general health and specific health conditions

Clinicians Key Milestones

  • Clinicians brand was founded in 1997, in New Zealand by two pharmacists
  • Clinicians acquired by Douglas in 2008
  • Began China Daigou trading in 2015
  • Launched CBEC in China in 2017
  • Clinicians entered the best new product launch category for the Clinicians Liposomal range, winning the Green Cross Health “Best New Product Launch” in 2017
  • Packaging rebrand and creative brand platform created “Keep your body working” in 2018
  • Launched in the UAE in 2020
  • Top 10 NZ brands on Alibaba in China in 2020
  • Clinicians #2 brand in NZ Pharmacy MAT in 2021
  • Clinicians Flora Restore probiotic is the #1 selling women’s probiotic in National Pharmacy IRI verified in 2021

Clinicians is proud to continue to bring you high-quality, natural products targeted at improving your health and wellbeing.

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