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What we do

Douglas Innovation

Douglas Pharmaceuticals Research and Development – collaborates with universities, researchers, and clinicians around the globe to find solutions for a range of unmet medical needs.

Some of the life changing human trials managed by the team at Douglas Innovation include treatments for inflammatory bowel disease, cervical dysplasia and a very encouraging medicinal candidate helping those with treatment resistant depression.

Douglas Innovation can translate this research into formulations and manage clinical studies that assess safety and effectiveness in a small number of patients.

Our Expertise

We specialise in finding new uses for well-established medicines, and we are cutting our teeth with peptides and enzymes. We have a good success rate in registering medicines with the US FDA and EU regulatory authorities and offer this service together with our formulation, clinical and medical affairs support services.

Douglas is directing its ongoing R&D investment towards novel innovation projects, where there is greater intellectual property and opportunity for long-term value creation.

Innovation Leadership Team

The full R&D programme and the decision for where investment is spent is made by an Innovation Steering Group. This group is made up of a cross-functional team to ensure diverse thinking and an understanding of how market opportunities intersect with intellectual property, regulatory and clinical pathways, and scientific rationale. Douglas targets innovations which utilise its expertise in specific therapeutic areas, molecules, and core technology platforms. Ideas are sourced from partnerships with universities and research institutions and through internal idea generation. Critical to the success of Douglas’ R&D is understanding the patient, prescriber, and payer needs before determining what products to invest in developing.

Douglas Innovation Building

The $50MM Douglas Innovation centre is part of the long-established Douglas Pharmaceuticals company. The three story, 4,500sq metre building has been 18 months in construction. It employs 100 people and includes laboratory, pilot scale product development suites, commercial manufacturing rooms which can handle highly potent and cytotoxic products and office space. Manufacturing capabilities include soft gelatine encapsulation, liquids, creams, and modified release oral dosage forms.