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Protecting Fiji’s Coastline


As part of our ongoing sustainability journey and efforts to minimise our carbon footprint, Douglas Fiji has partnered with the Ministry of Forestry to support their global conservation efforts by planting mangroves along the coastline in Sigatoka, Fiji. The mangrove seedlings are raised by unemployed youth in the small villages on the coastline which are then sold as a source of income.

Mangroves are the unsung heroes of coastal habitats in the fight against climate change. Studies show that, kilo for kilo, mangroves can sequester four times more carbon than rainforests. Mangroves not only help offset carbon, but also strengthen our marine ecosystem.

Douglas Fiji have volunteered twice now, in December 2022 and April 2023, collectively planting 17,500 mangroves in the area!

We would like to thank all our Douglas team members for their incredible efforts in saving our natural habitat and supporting our journey to building a more sustainable future.

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