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Douglas works with 75 year old inventor to create easy to us spray pump for those with arthritis


Douglas Pharmaceuticals works with 75 year old inventor to create easy to us spray pump for those with arthritis

Nelson based ‘back yard’ inventor, 75-year-old Pete Chapman has come up with the perfect solution for those with arthritis in their hands needing to administer Nitrolingual angina spray.

The Nitrolingual spray widens blood vessels to assist blood flow and help the heart pump. It is used to treat or prevent chest pain attacks.

Arthritis NZ Philanthropy Manager, Dianne Armstrong says prior to the pump’s invention, squeezing the spray was impossible for arthritic hands due to the small button. She says a small number of people with arthritis who use the medical spray were unsure where to start looking for a solution.

They took their problem to Douglas Pharmaceuticals, NZ distributor for Nitrolingual angina spray and long-time sponsor of Arthritis NZ.

Pete Chapman then worked directly with Douglas Pharmaceuticals to create the easy-to-use pump and Arthritis NZ tested a number of samples on its members.

“The spray pump/applicator is made out of very strong plastic and because of the design, it acts like a spring. Once it is slipped into the top of the bottle, it becomes very easy for a person to use with either hand as it can be slipped in and out very easily.” says Chapman.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals Manager of NZ Medical, Dr Andrew Mc Leod says “We have supplied, free of charge,  the specifically-designed ‘mobility handles’ to the NZ Arthritis Foundation.  The handles enable hand arthritis patients to easily use Nitrolingual pump spray”.

NZ Arthritis Foundation sells the handles to patients via their website, and it is a small money-making venture for them.

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