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Douglas Pharmaceuticals expands its Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) business


Auckland based Douglas Pharmaceuticals has ramped up its Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) business of developing and supplying bespoke pharmaceutical solutions to partners around the world.

Douglas has had many years of experience delivering niche project solutions to international partners. It was the first company to develop and launch generics of several oral retinoid drugs including isotretinoin, alitretinoin and acitretin.

Managing Director Jeff Douglas says, “With the completion of the Douglas Innovation building, we now have a world class R&D facility and team to extend this even further, providing highly personalised and IP secure CDMO solutions.”

He says, “We can turn dreams into reality for even more international partners by covering all parts of the CDMO process from development, regulatory, manufacturing and program management.”

The new Douglas Innovation building, which houses the CDMO business, employs 100 people and includes laboratory, pilot scale product development suites, commercial manufacturing rooms which can handle highly potent and cytotoxic products, and office space. Manufacturing capabilities include soft gelatine encapsulation, liquids, creams, and modified release oral dosage forms.

Mr Douglas says, “Not only do we have the capacity to develop very complex products, but we also support our partners in navigating complex regulatory pathways, ensuring their project progresses seamlessly from concept to market.”

Extending the CDMO arm of the business is an exciting and logical step for the company which is already a leader in developing and distributing novel and generic products, particularly ones where there is a strong intellectual property position as well as technical complexity.

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