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Alpaca - Blister Dispensing Machine

Introducing, the Alpaca, a blister pack dispensing machine made by Yuyama from Osaka Japan, the world’s largest manufacturer of pharmacy automation equipment. The Alpaca makes your pharmacy business run more efficiently, and allows more time to focus on improving the health outcomes of your customers.



Everything you need to know about the Alpaca blister dispensing machine. The Alpaca will improve your dispensary business allowing your staff to be able to focus on other areas of your business. Watch the video to learn more.

Alpaca Features


The daily dispensary task of making Medico Paks will no longer consume large numbers of staff and time, potentially reducing costs by 50% to 85%. One staff member’s output, operating an Alpaca, may increase productivity from 35/50 packs per day to potentially 320 packs per day (40 x 8 hours).


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