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Bedroc Trial

Struggling with depression?

You might be eligible for a clinical trial testing a new treatment option.

You may be interested in taking part in the Bedroc trial

This is a clinical trial of an investigational medicine to treat Treatment Resistant Major Depressive Disorder.

The trial involves:
• Attending medical appointments and receiving ongoing support at one of the participating hospitals/medical centres
• Clinical care by a psychiatrist and experienced research professionals
• Swallowing medicine in a tablet form

Consent to continue
Please note that by completing this questionnaire, you consent to Douglas Pharmaceuticals collecting your answers to the questions. All information you provide in this questionnaire will be held in strict confidence, and will only be shared with the hospital or medical centre conducting the trial. Douglas Pharmaceuticals will delete your information from our records upon your request. After completing this brief questionnaire you may be asked to provide your contact details to enable a member of the research team to provide additional information to you. You can stop this discussion at any time. If you decide to provide your contact details you are consenting to Douglas Pharmaceuticals receiving this information.

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