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What we do


International Markets

We have a global network of customers, and our products are sold in 40 countries. All our products are developed to fully comply with our international partners’ requirements and those of their regulatory authorities.


Douglas Europe has been operating in the European and UK markets since 2001. We have established a specialist team experienced in dealing with EU and UK regulatory authorities which ensures a smooth path to market for our products.

All our product dossiers are compiled in accordance with ICH (International Committee on Harmonisation) and EMA (European Medicines Agency) guidelines and are written to meet the e-CTD (Common Technical Document) format.

The Americas

Douglas received its first FDA product approval in the USA in 2012 and since then Douglas has been growing throughout both North and South America.

We have several strategic partners who have licenced and sell our products in the Americas. We also market and distribute our own products via our US affiliate, Tasman Pharma.

MENA – Middle East North Africa

This region has an expanding population and increasing awareness of health and wellbeing. As pharmaceuticals form a significant component of a country’s health budget, governments look to buy drugs that are affordable but still meet the highest standards of quality.

At Douglas, we know our products meet that expectation. We have appointed local partners in the region to work with us and together we have progressively registered and introduced our products to this market.

SENA – Southern, Eastern and Northern Asia

Douglas has a reputation for reliability in both security of supply and exceptional quality which is why we are ranked as a preferred supplier in Health Authority tenders in both Government and Private Hospitals.

Our recent advance into the Indochina markets is extending the reach and reputation of our brands and is building new relationships with both Clinicians and our distributors.

Our current focus is on capitalising on our excellent standing in all these markets particularly in the private sector with our dermatology range. Our future looks good as we move into Aesthetic Medicines, with new Innovations and new Prescription Medicines.

We encourage contact from new strategic business partners, especially where we can align our portfolios.