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At Douglas we are focused on developing the best pharmaceutical medicines which will improve health outcomes for people around the world. We are leading the way in antipsychotics, oncological and dermatological products.

Pharmaceutical Capabilities

Our pharmaceutical capabilities include the making of solid oral dose formulations (tablets and capsules) and a variety of liquid, oral and topical formulations (soft gel capsules, solutions, suspensions, creams, lotions and gels).

Fully licenced and compliant

The manufacturing processes and technologies we use at Douglas are regularly audited by New Zealand and international health authorities. This multi-national compliance system ensures the integrity of our products before they are shipped to our customers.

EU export without the need to re-test

At Douglas, we have secured agreements and accreditations with our international market partners. This means our products can be sent offshore without being re-tested for quality. These approvals include The Ministry of Health Mutual Recognition Agreement, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certifications.

Our Technical Services

Our scientists, technicians and analysts who work in our manufacturing facilities in Auckland are highly-qualified, with their expertise supported by Science & Research Internships. Among our manufacturing employees is a rich depth of knowledge and intellectual competence in formulation, microbiology, process development and quality control procedures.

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